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Where is the rain? Another dry cold front will knock temps down this weekend.

It's almost Friday! Woohoo! This weather has been nothing short of perfect, that is, if you don't have any concern over the lack of rain. We'll talk more about that in just a few. For now, that gorgeous blue sky that has been overhead for weeks is still showing off.

Temperatures this afternoon will reach the low to mid 80s with a few passing clouds. A fairly stout cool-down is imminent, especially when talking low temperatures.

For now, we have high pressure overhead which has allowed clouds to stay away and temperatures to gradually rise. A cold front will swoop through the Tennessee Valley tomorrow morning, and you'll feel a difference outside by Friday afternoon, and especially once the sun sets. High pressure returns for the weekend, keeping us dry.

Unfortunately, today's new weekly U.S. drought monitor puts much of the Tennessee Valley in

at least some sort of drought category. The darker yellow color represents abnormally dry areas. That lighter yellow color represents moderate drought conditions. I know there are several communities across the area that have issued burn bans, so check with your local municipality before you burn anything, which could be dangerous in these conditions. We're not seeing any relief in the near future, either. There is no chance of rain through next Wednesday. Next Thursday we could see *some* rain, but that's still 7 days out and a lot can change with the forecast. As far as temperatures go, lows will be in the lower 40s Friday night. Saturday night, a few readings in the upper 30s would not surprise me one bit. Saturday throughout the day will be chilly, but then we warm up.

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