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Wet and windy tonight. Then a brief break before more rain.

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine this morning, because clouds are moving in and they will be here to stay for a few days. Rain will begin as light showers this evening, and moderate to heavy rainfall will move in tonight. Even more notable will be the sustained winds and wind gusts. The entire Tennessee Valley viewing area is under a Wind Advisory from 9 p.m. tonight until 3 p.m. Wednesday. We're talking sustained winds up to 30 mph, and gusts upwards of 50-55 mph! Bring in or secure any loose objects around your home before tonight if you can.

As far as the rain goes, we will have periods of moderate to heavy rainfall, and maybe even a rumble of thunder or two. Overall, we are expecting widespread rain, not widespread thunderstorms. I'd still stay home this evening if you can help it, there could be some minor puddling along roads that typically flood, and the rainfall will reduce visibility out there. Rainfall should wrap up in the very early morning hours of Wednesday. As the overall moisture and cloud cover is slow to move out of the Tennessee Valley, we could have a few lingering showers throughout the day Wednesday, and a mixture of sprinkles/snow flurries Thursday morning as temps near freezing. At this time we are not expecting any impacts aside from simply the sight to see.

Now, let's talk wind. Sustained wind speeds will range from 20-30 mph tonight through tomorrow afternoon, of course coinciding with the wind advisory. The gustiest winds will occur late tonight and close to midnight, but expect noteworthy wind gusts this evening and tomorrow afternoon. Ladies, tonight & tomorrow will not be our time to show off the hair.

We're not concerned over a flooding threat with all this rain, but we are expecting about half an inch to an inch to fall throughout the region. We'll call it a good quick soaking. After tonight, we dry out aside from that small chance for a rain/snow shower through Thursday morning. We aren't due for another good soaking until...Saturday night! Hey, Friday is looking dry! Ha.

Expect on and off rain throughout the rest of the 7 day forecast period. Thursday night through Saturday afternoon will be dry, along with Monday of next week. High temps stay either in the 40s or 50s so we will be rather seasonable for the next little while.

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