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Welcome to November! What to expect in the near-term.

It's a lovely first day of Fall through and through for the entirety of the Tennessee Valley, especially for all you fall lovers out there (myself included). Temperatures are hovering right around what we'd expect on an early November day, hanging in the upper 50s and, as the day progresses, the lower to mid 60s in some of the warmer spots across the area. Skies are consistently clear throughout, but overcast skies through tonight and into tomorrow morning paint a slightly different picture when it comes to what to expect through midweek.

Besides a few high level clouds through the early evening into the overnight hours, it stays mostly dry and chilly until the early morning hours, when a few widely scattered showers move southeast as we approach sunrise Tuesday. It's worth noting that models may be slightly bullish on the extent of rainfall through the morning, but a few of us nonetheless may wake up to a wet yard. By late morning and into the midday hours, the overcast skies gradually break into some spots of son, but temperatures stay in the upper 40s and low to mid 50s for most of us on the Tennessee side, but NW Alabama and NE Mississippi will be treated a bit nicer - widespread upper 50s and low 60s will persist throughout the midday and late afternoon hours.

Rain chances increase markedly as Wednesday rolls around, especially through the early and mid-morning hours. Most of us will probably see some light precipitation before the day is done, but by early evening, most of the precipitation is well east of the Valley. Sticking around, however, are the lower temperatures that the system ushers in, with highs Wednesday likely not breaking the mid to upper 40s for a majority of us.

Conditions Wednesday night and into Thursday won't be too much a deviation from average lows for this time of the year, with temperatures bottoming out in the mid to lower 40s, but the southern fringes of the aforementioned low pressure system to our North that brought us rain will likewise introduce a sharp cooling trend through midweek. Of particular note are the near-freezing temperatures overnight Thursday and Friday for the Valley, with some of the colder spots perhaps even seeing our first frost of the season as the week comes to an end.

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