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Weekend weather: it gets warmer before it gets cooler.

I hope everyone had a great week, not just a good week. Temperatures this afternoon will hit around 90°, and a touch cooler near and south of the Tennessee River. A few pop up storms are expected this afternoon.

Rain chances diminish around 8 p.m. so keep that in mid for any Friday Night Football plans you may have! Dry conditions are expected overnight and Saturday will be mainly dry. I cannot rule out a pop up storm or two between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Due to drier conditions, I think we will see widespread lower 90s Saturday afternoon.

Higher rain chances are expected Sunday afternoon and early evening. Sunday morning should stay dry. Scattered rain chances expected Monday, Monday night, and throughout the day Tuesday as a cold front works through the Tennessee Valley. At this time, the cold front looks to push through mid week, setting up a late week cool-down with drier conditions.

Low 90s expected for highs this weekend and we will probably adjust rain chances between Monday and Wednesday as models get a better grip on the cold front passage. Again, the end of next week is looking great so far!

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