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Weekend starts cooler, but a warming trend looms near - as does unsettled weather

It's been a little chillier than one would expect from early spring this otherwise fair start to the weekend - here at the studios, we're only just closing in on 50 this late morning. It's also been a little breezy, so the feels-like temps will probably be hovering in the mid to upper 40s until we reach our highs for the day, which will probably fall in the lower 50s. Expect clouds to move out temporarily, giving way to a little bit more sun tomorrow!

Tomorrow looks a little be warmer, though not exactly *warm* - we'll probably warm up to near 60, especially our NW Alabama counties. Southern Middle Tennessee, don't get too excited. It's looking like another cool day. On the bright side... we have some sun! This is probably not going to last all weekend, as Sunday looks similarly cool, but overcast with perhaps a shower or two. The warming trend begins as we exit the weekend!

The warming up becomes especially obvious through Monday, when we start hitting 70 - by Tuesday and into Wednesday, we're seeing 80s on both days! This, of course, comes at the cost of a more unsettled pattern. We are very closely watching the passage of a very dynamic system Wednesday evening and into Thursday morning, which may present itself as a widespread damaging wind threat, with the possibility of one or two tornadoes somewhere within the line, as is usual with linear systems. The models will hone in on more details as we get closer, but Wednesday is worth paying very close attention to.

Looking at the big picture reveals the warming trend very clearly - besides some possibly frosty conditions overnight Saturday into Sunday, we stay mild *even* overnight at times, with Tuesday night only dipping into the 60s! Temperatures cool off mid to late week behind the previously discussed system back into the mid and upper 60s, and moist air - and consequently some cloud cover - persists. It's definitely feeling like spring.

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