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Weather dry and warming up locally. Watching Tropical Storm Fiona.

A bit more in the way of cloud cover across the area on this Friday as recirculated Atlantic moisture works back into the area on southeasterly winds. This is still not nearly enough moisture to cause rain chances to return though. Partly cloudy skies are in place, but there is still plenty of sun, allowing temperatures to warm into the 80s as of the early afternoon.

This weather continues through the rest of the afternoon, with daytime highs topping out in the mid to upper 80s. We stay partly cloudy to mostly clear overnight, with morning lows in the low to mid 60s. Weather for high school football games or the North Alabama State Fair in Muscle Shoals will be just fine, with mostly clear skies and temperatures dropping out of the 80s into the low to mid 70s as we work through the mid evening.

The quiet weather continues for the next several days with rain chances staying away for at least the next 7 to 10 days, if not longer. September and October are two of our driest months on average in the Tennessee Valley; so, this isn't much of a surprise. Daytime highs warm out of the upper 80s/near 90 this weekend into the low to mid 90s as we head into next week. Even though we are in the last gasp of summer, officially speaking, it isn't quite over yet!

Tropical Storm Fiona is fighting but struggling as we make it through this Friday afternoon. Most of the convection is still on the eastern side of the circulation center due to strong wind shear, and this will continue for at least the next couple of days. Fiona will move through the northern Caribbean and interact with Puerto Rico and Hispaniola over the weekend and into Monday. From there, most all models are in strong agreement that Fiona will then make a northward turn, making any Gulf of Mexico threat very unlikely (although we can never 100% rule out surprise changes). The east coast of Florida and northward up the East Coast needs to watch Fiona carefully, but there are increasing signals that Fiona may recurve early enough to miss the United States.

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