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Warming up, staying dry - a lovely week ahead.

Today has been a fantastic way to kick off our weekend, with clear skies with some patchy clouds and lovely, breezy, not humid warmth permeating the Tennessee Valley throughout today. It goes without saying, but the lack of rain is complete - not a drop is in sight for the next week. As we head through today, the clouds may mediate temperatures SLIGHTLY, but most of us will be comfortably in the upper 80s.

Tonight - not bad. Widespread mid-lower 60s for the lot of us, but those of us who trend cooler or are in valleys/low terrain, it wouldn't be entirely surprising to see a sporadic upper-50s sometime through the night. This is likely the last night where lows will stay this low, though, because of an approaching warming trend that goes both ways...

the culprit? High pressure drifting west over the Valley once more through the beginning and middle portions of the workweek. This has been the key factor in reinforcing the warmth over the last few days, and it actually begins drifting westward, cycling warm, dry air in from the north as we are positioned to it's north and east. Thankfully, it paves the way for consistent forecasting - dry, warm conditions similar to this weekend persist all week.

If nothing else, however, we do have a warming trend approaching this week - by midweek, we're squarely back into the lower-mid 90s, and possibly warmer at times in some hotspots. In fact, heat indexes may be encroaching back on triple digits once more in this time frame. It's nothing we can't handle, though (just stay hydrated and cool!), and is worth it for the BEAUTIFUL conditions that come alongside it for the entire week.

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