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Warming trend persists through mid-week; Rain returns by weeks end.

It's one of those beautiful fall days today, with sporadic patchy, grey clouds (thanks to the decreasing angle of the sun in the sky as fall progresses) dotting the Valley. These are going to clear out pretty rapidly as the day progresses, and help us maximize temperatures into the midday hours. Models may be *ever* so slightly underdoing forecast highs today, as some spots hit 60 by 12pm. Most of us will likely linger in the upper 50s and lower 60s near peak heating today.

By the time we're waking up for church tomorrow, we'll be staying clear and staying cold - most of won't top 40 for our morning lows. The only thing of real notoriety in the near-term forecast comes by way of the warming trend as we head into the next week and into midweek. By midday Sunday, temperatures will widespread top in the mid and perhaps even upper 60s in warmer spots around the region, and by the beginning the week, we'll already have begun touching 70 in spots.

Yeah, sorry to break the news to you fall fans out there... you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer for consistent 50s days. By early next week, we're in the low 70s for highs pretty consistently, at the very least through the latter half of the week. This is thanks to a persistent high pressure system that's lingered for a while now, and will get kicked out of here by the end of the week rolls around.

The 7 day breaks down these trends pretty well - highs (and lows) as the week rolls on are on the increase until Thursday morning, when a front coming out of the northwest brings us back into a more seasonal pattern, with some scattered rain across the area Thursday and into Friday as the system wraps around and heads out of the area. Temperatures behind this fall of pretty steeply, with the next weekend probably hovering in the 40s for highs, with frost very likely returning during the overnight hours by then.

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