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Warming at last! A very nice week ahead.

It feels like it's been a while, but we're finally sneaking back up on more seasonal (to slightly above seasonally average) temps as we work through the weekend and into this coming workweek. Temperatures as of writing this are pretty widespread in the mid-40s, but we're on an uptrend, starting today and lasting well into the workweek. Winds are now out of the south, surging some warmer southern air into our area. It's a far cry from that stinging, cold northerly wind we've been having!

A lot of us will probably see a 50 today, a few of us maybe higher - especially on the Alabama side. Southern Middle Tennessee may stay in the upper 40s, but it wouldn't be a shock at all to see a 50 or two somewhere there today. Besides that, beautiful golden sunshine all along the way. Tomorrow is essentially a copy of today, with a slight twist in a cold front surging SE and keeping temperatures slightly suppressed through the midday - I'd expect low to mid 40s, with a few sporadic upper 40s tomorrow and patchy clouds.

The 7 day really helps visualize this warming trend. It's going to be a very nice week, likely breaking 50 every day, especially midweek and beyond when we will probably be 55+! Mostly clear skies persist, and no rain is in sight within the scope of our 7 day. Enjoy this!

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