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Warmer the next couple of days. Cooler air to follow for the weekend. Still dry next several days.

Take a look at the temperatures this morning! Most everyone is sitting in at least the lower 40s as of the 5:00 AM hour, but Lawrenceburg and Hohenwald have both crept down into the 30s. Hohenwald has even made it to 37 degrees this morning! We are nearing our morning lows now as we head toward the 6:00 AM hour and daybreak; so, we don't expect temperatures to drop much more than where they are. Regional satellite and radar composite shows what looks like a bunch of cloud cover, but that is actually the infrared sensor of the camera just picking up on the chilly temperatures! That's how the satellite is able to "see" clouds at night, by sensing the temperature of objects, and it can't tell if something chilly is clouds or just cold air. Interesting, huh? Our skycams show that things are clear, even before daybreak, with no fog or other things around the cities and town areas. I can't rule out some isolated fog near the lakes, ponds, and river areas though.

Skies will continue to stay sunny to mostly sunny as we head through this Wednesday. Temperatures look to be even a little warmer than yesterday, despite our chilly start this morning, with daytime highs areawide climbing into the upper 70s and lower 80s. Clear skies, calm winds, and dry air allow us to drop back into the 40s again tonight, but not quite as chilly as last night. Dewpoints will start to gradually creep up, and this will put a cap on just how far the temperatures can drop overnight.

We're even warmer as we head into Thursday as winds become more southwesterly ahead of a cold from approaching from the northwest. Highs look top top out areawide in the low to mid 80s. That front moves through early in the day on Friday. It comes through in dry fashion, but it knocks daytime highs back to the mid 70s. Then, even cooler air settles in for the weekend. Morning lows look to be in the lower 40s areawide both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and several of us across the area could be as low as 37-39 degrees in outlying rural locations! Daytime highs on Saturday only reach the mid to upper 60s despite sunshine returning. We do start to moderate the temperatures back into the 70s as we start the new week. We still look to be dry through at least the first half of next week.

There MIGHT be light at the end of the tunnel in terms of rain chances as we head into the latter half of next week. We have been getting increasingly consistent signals in the global models (including both the GFS and Euro models shown here) for an upper trough and surface cold front roughly around next Thursday that might have a decent shot of bringing showers and thunderstorms to the area. It's still far out, and there is plenty of time for this to try to back off as we get closer, but it is about 24 hours from being within our 7 day forecast... so it's not too far out there into "voodoo land". I wouldn't try to guarantee anything just yet, but let's keep our fingers crossed that this is legit. We certainly need the rain here in the Tennessee Valley!

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