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Warm weather is in full force. It continues through the weekend. Rain chances return as well.

It is a spring-like day across the Tennessee Valley on this second day of December, with temperatures areawide into at least the lower 70s. A few of our locations are even trying to get close to the upper 70s! Gusty south to southwest winds of 10 to 20 mph are helping bring in that warmth, along the the abundant sunshine seen out there on our skycams across the area.

After topping out in the 70s this afternoon, temperatures only fall to the mid and upper 50s after sunset this evening, and then only into the mid to upper 40s for morning lows to begin Friday. Clear skies remain in place through tonight and into at least the morning hours of Friday. By the afternoon, with a breezy south wind again, we are up into the lower if not middle 70s again, but clouds will increase as we head further through the day. Friday looks to stay dry, but that changes as we head into the weekend.

A few showers will be possible Saturday near a weak frontal boundary that is sitting over the area before it continues moving northward through the day and into Sunday as a warm front. Most folks stay dry, but there is an increasing chance that a few showers will be around. That front lifts well north of the area going into Sunday. Clouds continue to increase, and Sunday will be another warm and windy day as the next cold front approaches. That front brings widespread showers and even a thunderstorm or two heading into the Sunday evening and overnight timeframe, maybe extending into the first few hours of Monday morning. That front brings a temporary shot of cooler and drier air again, knocking daytime highs for Monday and Tuesday back into the low to mid 50s.

That cooler and drier air is very temporary though, as the Monday cold front lifts back northward through the day on Tuesday as a warm front. That sets us up in a situation where we may very well be warmer overnight Tuesday night than we are in the middle of the day. Showers start to return by Tuesday afternoon and evening, and then showers and thunderstorms look likely later Tuesday night and through at least Wednesday morning. There are increasing indications that there may be multiple rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms that come in waves between Tuesday night, through Wednesday and Wednesday night, and into Thursday morning. We will also be watching for the potential for strong storms during this time, but there is not enough confidence as of now to try to highlight a severe weather threat for our area. We will be watching carefully and fine tuning all that in the days ahead. Temperatures return back to the 60s, if not the 70s, toward the middle of next week as this warmer and stormy weather pattern sets up.

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