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Up and down the the temperatures. Mostly quiet weather this week though.

It's another beautiful weather day across the Tennessee Valley on this Wednesday with sunny skies everywhere. We have a few occasional thin high clouds working through, but you have to go northward into the Ohio Valley to find any appreciable cloud cover. Meanwhile, temperatures already at this midday hour range from the mid 50s to the lower 60s pretty much everywhere across our area.

Mostly sunny skies will continue through the rest of today with temperatures climbing a few more degrees before we reach our daytime highs. Most all of us should reach the lower 60s this afternoon, and a few of us south of the Tennessee River might make a run toward 63 or 64 degrees. We drop back into the 40s after sunset, and then again into the mid and upper 30s for morning lows by daybreak on Thursday. A weak but dry cold front will be moving in on Thursday, and this will add a little more cloud cover and also bump our daytime highs back into the mid 50s.

That frontal boundary tomorrow washes out as we go through the day, and then we get southwest winds across our area Friday ahead of a stronger cold front that moves in Friday night and Saturday. This allows temperatures to warm areawide into the mid 60s, with some of our north Alabama communities possibly making the upper 60s here and there. Clouds increase Friday night into Saturday as that cold front moves through. Temperatures drop back into the 40s for daytime highs Saturday, and those may come during the morning with dropping temperatures through the day. We also have at least a slight chance for a rain shower or snow flurry Saturday as the colder air moves in and low-level clouds linger. However, that activity would likely be rather isolated in our immediate area, and we don't expect any impacts IF it is even able to occur. The chilly weather hangs around for Sunday with daytime highs struggling to reach the lower 40s after beginning in the lower 20s early in the day. Some of us may be stuck in the upper 30s during the day on Sunday. As we head into early next week, temperatures begin to moderate, and it won't be long before daytime highs are back into the 50s.

Taking a look at the longer range over the next 6-14 days, the latest outlooks from the NWS's Climate Prediction Center illustrate that change next week well, with below normal temperatures shifting to our east with time next week, and warmer than average temperatures moving in from the west. There will likely be a significant weather system in the middle of the nation toward the middle of next week. That is likely to bring appreciable rain chances to our area mid/late next week, with maybe some thunder involved. Then, as we move into the 8 to 14 day period, we look to start shifting into a warmer pattern again, with above average chances of precipitation remaining across much of the central and eastern United States.

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