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The weekend is unsettled, but this week looks better.

It's cooling down today, especially here at the station - earlier during clearer weather, we crept into the lower 80s, but some light rain has drifted in from the west and the overcast conditions have helped take us back down into the upper 70s. A few strong storms linger in our northern counties as well, but most of us have seen mostly calm conditions for today, if slightly overcast. As we head into the overnight, we'll likely dry out and cool off a touch, down into the 60s and 70s. Expect cloud cover. Sorry star-gazers!

As we start out tomorrow, we likely get off to a somewhat hit-or-miss stormy start. Convection begins to initiate around the mid-morning, and will likely linger (if not increase in coverage) through the afternoon. The story tomorrow is much of the same as today - a large area of showers and storms, some of which may be strong at times, with temperatures staying mediated in the mid 80s. This includes frequent lightning and heavy downpours. Be sure your Tennessee Valley Weather app lightning notifications are on!

As we enter the workweek, scattered storms stay possible due in large part to an occluded front that is "stuck" over the Valley for a brief period of time through Monday. This is our key culprit of these storms. Behind it, the atmosphere becomes notably less favorable for storms through Tuesday and beyond, so Monday looks like it's the last day this week with any particularly excessive rain chances. This front finally inches its way out of here by overnight Tuesday, and behind it doesn't necessarily cool down, but it DOES help mediate the temperatures some...

which, by all means, is a welcome trend. We don't break 90 essentially all week, with *some* small chance for showers and storms each day, though it is more like a summertime pattern with highly scattered, almost random convection. This being considered, it looks like it'll be, by and large, a really decent week with these mediated temperatures and drier trends. Enjoy this!

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