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The warming trend has begun! Here's where we're headed into the week...

The warming trend is here! Temperatures across the Valley are already hanging comfortably in the mid-60s as of the time of me writing this. I was watching Florence Harbor camera, and I even saw a boat leaving the dock, and for good reason - today is the type of day you'll want to take advantage of while this weather lasts, because this time of year, it's far from a guarantee.

As the day goes on, we may spot a few upper 60s in the warmer spots. By 12pm, it was already 67 in Hamilton! Skies stay clear through the evening and into tonight, but there isn't much of a change in the way of forecast lows tonight, with most of us cooling pretty dramatically overnight into tomorrow morning, and because of this likely yielding a bit of patchy fog (especially noticeable if you're an early riser).

These clear skies linger through to midweek, yielding lower (and maybe even mid) 70s for highs all the way through Wednesday. The high pressure that's been keeping clouds out of here moves out by midweek, and allows a bit of high level moisture into the Valley, welcoming a bit of patchy cloud cover. This is a sign of things to come, as by Thursday morning, frontal passage is imminent, with rain and perhaps a few rumbles of thunder underway near the Mississippi Delta...

The 7 day visualizes this pretty well. Aside from the showers and rain that a good portion of us will probably see by the end of the week, confidence is growing that some (or perhaps most) of us will get a good frost in by the weekend, with lows overnight in the upper 20s. It may seem unseasonably cool, but around now is actually when most of us see our first frosts of the season! If there's anything to take away from all this, it's this: enjoy the week, and take your plants inside this weekend!

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