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The warming trend has begun... and this time, without rain!

The warming trend has begun for the Valley... almost. As of writing this this Sunday afternoon, we're staying cloudy (though not for much longer) and dry, and for the most part in the mid-40s, with some of us maybe touching 50 later in the day especially in the Southern counties. It'll be a cool night, dropping near freezing and clouds clearing out to provide clear skies.

Tomorrows highs really help highlight this warming trend, with most of us getting up close to 60, or just touching 60. For once, this warming trend that we begin through the workweek doesn't culminate in a severe threat, or washout - this really is just a quick taste of spring, with no strings attached!

In fairness to this pattern, rain chances may return by next weekend, but the threat isn't particularly high at this juncture - the main selling point of this forecast is the simplicity of the outcome - beautiful sunshine all along the way, and temperatures staying close to 70 from Wednesday onward! We may also be leaving the "constant frost" phase of the season, though we still yet may see a few cold shots before spring truly sets in. Enjoy this little preview!

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