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Temperatures starting to moderate. Continued clear this week. When are rain chances?

The weather for this week is mainly a temperature forecast. Otherwise, it's wash, rinse, and repeat each day. We expect clear skies again tonight, and temperatures will naturally drop quickly after sunset. However, winds are beginning to switch around to the south, and that will mean we won't get quite as cold as we did last night. Morning lows will generally be in the mid to upper 30s across the area, with even the colder spots generally staying above freezing.

High pressure is starting to shift off to our east, and that means are winds are becoming more southerly on the large scale. Thursday will actually be quite breezy, with southerly winds of 10 to as high as 20 mph. Skies will be sunny though, and those two in combination with each other will mean moderating temperatures. Afternoon highs for tomorrow look to slide up into the mid 60s.

In fact, we're in a general moderating trend for the rest of the week and the weekend. Temperatures will be in or near the mid 60s for both tomorrow and Friday, and in the upper 60s or even lower 70s for the weekend before the next cold front approaches late Sunday and Monday. The change you will notice the most will be the overnight lows, coming out of the 30s and into the 40s... and they may approach 50 by Saturday night.

Our next rain chance looks to shape up toward the start of next week. A cold front approaches the area late Sunday and moves through overnight Sunday night and Monday morning. We expect a round of scattered showers to move through. Rainfall doesn't look especially heavy, and despite this being the heart of our fall tornado season, we see no evidence of any type of severe weather threat with this system.

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