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Temperatures nearing their peak, with a sharp cool-off by Thanksgiving. More frost to come.

We've made it to midweek, and the temperatures have come to their local "peak" for the week, with some models apparently under-doing it just a bit - a good handful of spots by this afternoon have pretty handily broken 60, with some of us holding tightly onto lower-60s for the time being. With how breezy it's been today featuring gusts 15-20 mph at times, it definitely doesn't feel like a traditional "mild" day, with it feeling like a mid to upper-50s sort of day. Temperatures stay a smidge above average overnight, with lows hanging in the mid-40s (and perhaps a touch higher) for most of us.

Don't bank on this relative warmth lingering for much longer, though. By morning tomorrow (and especially into the evening), that Thanksgiving rain will be rolling through, and with it a fairly sharp cold front draping across the entirety of the Valley by evening hours. It won't be a heavy-rain washout, but there will be a good few hours tomorrow afternoon and evening that we'll all spend pretty wet. With local rain totals nearing half an inch in spots, it won't be too impactful, but if you were hoping for a sunny Thanksgiving... sorry! Rain is out by the overnight, but it'll be quickly replaced by low to mid-20s as we head into the early morning hours of Friday.

Even if it is the last day of the work week, it won't be a fun Friday to wake up on... it's unlikely much of us will be waking up above 30, and by mid-day, temperatures will only rise into the mid-40s! (It could be worse, with some spots well North of us getting into the single-digits as we end the week!) As something of a silver lining, it'll be clear well into the weekend and into next week, with only partly cloudy skies coming into the picture on and off through the next 7 days. Temperatures will be staying down, at least into mid-next week, likely staying in the upper-40s and low-50s as highs consistently. The (relative) spurts of warmth lately have been enjoyable, but they're on borrowed time!

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