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Sunny weather today. Rain returns by Saturday evening. Wet for much of next week.

This has been a beautiful weather day across the Tennessee Valley on this Friday. Skies are mostly sunny, and temperatures are a good 10-12 degrees warmer than yesterday, in the low to mid 50s for most everyone. High pressure is centered over the Southeast this afternoon, but this won't last for long...

Skies stay clear as we head through the evening and overnight. Temperatures drop into the 40s after sunset and are in the mid 30s by midnight. If you're headed out to dinner this evening, weather will be clear, but you may want to take along a light jacket. By daybreak, we reach the low to mid 30s for morning lows. Saturday starts mostly sunny, but clouds quickly increase during the afternoon, and showers start to arrive by sunset. Daytime highs reach the mid to maybe even upper 50s by afternoon.

Showers stay a bit spotty and intermittent until after midnight Saturday night, and then more widespread rain moves in by Sunday morning ahead of a cold front. A few heavy downpours are possible, but no severe storms are expected. The heavier rain starts to shift south of our area by the afternoon and evening, but a few showers will remain possible.

The front temporarily shifts south of the area for Monday before it waffles back north and stalls out near the area for much of next week. That will allow multiple impulses to ride through the area, setting up an extended period of wet weather for much of next week. We are watching the position of a shallow arctic air mass that will be nearby. For now, it appears that will be situated just to our north and northwest. That positioning would keep any wintry weather (mainly freezing rain instead of snow) chances north and northwest of our area. However, we will have to watch that closely. Sometimes those shallow arctic air masses end up a little farther south than what models would show this far in advance. For now, our forecast is warm enough that everything is rain for the immediate viewing area for next week. However, we will have to watch that closely to see if we need to make any changes!

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