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Storms wane Wednesday afternoon - Focus turns to mid-week cold shot.

Precipitation continues to move out of the Valley this afternoon, with conditions in the wake remaining fairly stable and inconducive to severe weather - as such, the SPC has dropped the marginal risk within our coverage area and has transitioned their focus to South-Central Alabama, where an ongoing MCS continues to push eastward throughout the afternoon. Temperatures across the Valley have remained in the mid to upper-60s in the wake of the precipitation, but this won't last long as a cold front advancing eastwards eventually pushes across the Valley - temperatures overnight will likely end up in the mid-40s for most of us, with isolated cooler patches across the area. Mostly dry conditions will persist across the area until a system tracks northeastward across the region, the tail-end of which could prove wintery.

The next system of real interest arrives Sunday evening into the overnight hours, with wet conditions returning as this system passes just south of the coverage area - widespread rain totals around an inch or two are likely before all is said and done, with temperatures remaining on the cooler side for most of the Valley, staying in the high-50s, with some areas likely touching 60. Don't be too surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder, as some of the rain could be heavy at times.

As the system continues northeast and we find ourselves in it's rear flank, strong northerly winds & temperatures approaching freezing roll around Monday morning & afternoon. Given the already saturated ground and temperatures that do not *quite* drop below freezing during the morning hours, a cold rain remains likely initially, but we can't rule out spotty patches of mixed precipitation through the morning.

As the day progresses and temperatures continue to decrease, the remaining precipitation associated with the system *could* come in the form of scattered flurries, but accumulation of any amount is unlikely, and road conditions will likely not deteriorate in any widespread capacity - isolated slick spots are possible, however, given the widespread rain that just moved through. Dry conditions will return after this system is gone, but the cold will stay - for much of the foreseeable future, highs will likely stay in the mid to high-40s for most of the region. That holiday feeling is settling in!

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