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Storms incoming, with some relief from the heat inbound!

It's been pretty brutal the last week or two, but relief is incoming! Today is likely to be the last of the particularly hot days - it wouldn't surprise me if a few of us flirt with 100 later today. Here in S TN, clouds are building, and it looks like a few of these may precipitate later in the day - in fact the Storm Prediction Center has issued a level 1 out of 5 risk of severe weather just along and east of Interstate 65! I think most of us will stay dry, but pay attention to this through this afternoon. We cool off tonight, dipping into the 60s and 70s for lows. It looks dry, too - a decent night.

Tomorrow looks a bit more unsettled... for our Sunday, 80s and 90s creep back into the forecast by late morning and early afternoon, but a frontal passage will shake things up! It's looking increasingly likely that we'll see storms with this through tomorrow afternoon and evening, so pay attention to that, just in case - it doesn't look serious, but frequent lightning and heavy rain is possible in the stronger storms. In fact, it looks like these storms will persist through the overnight.

It looks like this frontal passage will cool us down with haste, and introduce a new, wet pattern into the forecast. By the first half of the workweek, we'll likely have accumulated a solid inch or so of rain, and temperatures will stay in the lower 80s - we'll take any break we can get, I am sure you agree! (and if you disagree, I don't get it... this heat is too much for

my pale self, and that's for certain.)

In the big picture, these steadily increasing rain chances become apparent, and so does this aforementioned cooling trend. By the midweek, we slowly start creeping back up into the 90s... but with that comes a slow staircase climb into higher rain chances towards the end of the work week. It looks as though this dominant high pressure pattern is letting up to some degree, which helps precipitation move into the Valley. With the building drought, we definitely need a little more rain. All things considered, it will be a decent, summerlike week for you all to enjoy, but keep an eye out for storms by the end of it.

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