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Storms inbound! Behind that, more heat...

Today is looking pretty good! We're at 88 here in L-burg at the moment, with some 90s lingering in NW AL at the moment... some puffy clouds are lingering too, but nothing to make any real difference. It looks like this is the story today - dry, humid, and sunny. That said, we can't rule out a shower or two, but I think today is a very standard summer day. Enjoy it!

Tomorrow, on the other hand, is a different story - some much needed rain is inbound. We look to stay dry through the early morning, with storms arriving from the NW by late morning and early afternoon - a few spots may see a stronger storm or two, with frequent lightning and perhaps some breezy winds with those downbursting storms. You can never rule out some low level flooding, too, especially given these storms Sunday give way to more storms Monday. It looks like the noisy storms Sunday will fade by evening, but showers will likely linger through the night.

Early Monday morning looks a lot like Sunday afternoon, funnily enough - storms moving in from the west, some of which may be on the noisier side. These linger through the morning, and there looks to be a lull (a few showers may still be around, however) in the late morning. Through the afternoon, more storms may form, some of which could be on the stronger side. Some models have more significant solutions, while others have less significant solutions - we're paying close attention to how this pans out.

Behind the storms, we're climbing the staircase back up to heat, as well as dryness... through the next couple days, however, it looks like the rain helps depress temperatures, keeping us in the 80s. By midweek, 90s return, and the end of the week looks particularly spicy - some models have some brutal heat inbound, with no rain in sight.

Look at next weekend- a 100 is pinging on our models! Enjoy the rain we have inbound, because we look to return to the status quo, so to speak... July heat. This dry trend as well as increasing heat may serve to increase our drought, but here is hoping the long range models have some rain in store for us. Hopefully we'll find out soon, because I've had enough of this heat!

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