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Spring is catching back up. Warmth is returning!

Conditions all across the TN Valley have been on the up and up today, especially in terms of clarity - that rain thankfully moved out just in time for Easter and temperatures have recovered nicely as a response, climbing back into the 60s for today with clear skies. Good news, too: it looks like we take in some high pressure over these next several days, and these conditions only look to persist into the workweek.

A peek at conditions in NW AL reveal those clouds beginning to creep out of the area, and those are the X-factor for our highs today - if they stick around more than forecasted, we may stay in the mid-60s, but we may flirt with 70 if they move out of here faster. Either way, I don't foresee many of us complaining after a dreary Friday and Saturday!

Headed into tomorrow (Monday) reveals what I am talking about when I referenced that high pressure earlier - a chain of systems are draped across most of the central United States, and keeps us and our neighbors to the north dry and warm. Today was really only the beginning of that warming trend in earnest, too; if we can keep those clouds out of here, we're back to mid-70s by Wednesday.

I also suspect that, at least in the near-term, we're about done with those really chilly cold snaps that we sometimes saw over the last few months, and spring is (likely) here to stay. Beyond midweek, you'll notice a minor cooldown, but the lows are higher than early week - this is because we get our next shot at rain by the end of the week, and moisture will keep us cloudy, so cooler in the day time, but more evened out by the night-time. I don't think that moisture will impact us much at all at LEAST through Wednesday, though!

I'm thinking Thursday is our next meaningful shot at any rain in the TN Valley, with this interesting little system coming up out of the Gulf. It won't be significantly impactful or anything major, but it does definitely look to keep us a little damp as it lifts north with time. In the big picture, that really is the only major variation of the forecast we see for a little while - this week looks steady and nice all around.

The big picture view reveals what I'm talking about in that aspect - besides that end of week rain, we stay warm and humid for pretty much all week, and warm up especially into next weekend. Some long range models indicate next week might even see a return to the 80s, but that remains to be seen - in the mean time, spring is here and it's keeping the weather lovely for us here in the Valley.

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