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Showers and storms stay isolated. A bit warmer into the weekend. Watching the tropics.

We have a bit more sun across the Tennessee Valley today compared to earlier this week. Temperatures are currently in the mid 80s for most of the area as of the early afternoon, with a couple of cooler spots as low as 82 degrees and Parson, TN coming in at 90 degrees! Showers are out there, but they are few and far between, with the main area of rain and thunderstorms focused down into south Alabama toward the Gulf Coast.

A few widely scattered showers and storms will continue through the afternoon, but most of us across the Tennessee Valley will stay dry today. What few showers there are from the afternoon will fizzle out overnight with the loss of daytime heating, and then we remain partly to mostly cloudy with overnight lows once again in the mid to upper 60s. We expect more of the exact same for Friday, but with temperatures a touch warmer, with many of us getting in the upper 80s and even lower 90s in spots.

The frontal boundary to our south dissipates as we head through tomorrow and into the weekend. A weak frontal boundary moves in from the north going into Saturday, and while that won't cool us down, and may temporarily pause the shower activity before a return to isolated hit-or-miss type showers and storms going into next week. Deeper moisture returns next week though; so, those daily showers might be slightly more numerous in the local area than they have been this week. Daytime highs creep into the lower 90s through Saturday before easing back into the upper 80s, and maybe mid 80s, going into next week.

We are still watching the two waves in the tropical Atlantic. The westernmost wave has crossed into the eastern Caribbean. Low-level trade winds are strong in this area, and that may act to hinder development for the next few days before it makes it to the western Caribbean where it has a slightly better shot at developing into a tropical system. The eastern wave has rolled off the west coast of Africa and is headed westward. Neither look overly impressive right now, but both have a 20% chance of development over the next 5 days, as outlined by the National Hurricane Center. As of now, neither are an imminent threat to the United States, but we will be watching carefully in case that eventually changes.

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