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Severe Weather Threatens Region This Week

The Storm Prediction Center has expanded their Level 1 of 5 risk of severe storms for both today and Thursday into more of our area. For later today, they have expanded that risk northward to now include almost all of Alabama, and for Thursday, it now includes the entire Tennessee Valley Weather coverage area. This is still an isolated and low-end risk, but it's becoming a bit more possible that we might have a few severe thunderstorm warnings both today and tomorrow. The main window of opportunity each day for *strong* thunderstorms will be late morning through early evening, roughly 10am-8pm. However, showers and thunderstorms will be possible at any time.

If a storm happens to get a warning, the main threat would be an isolated wind gust of up to 60 mph. Low overall instability will limit the threat of hail getting to severe criteria (quarter size), and while it's never a zero risk with a severe thunderstorm, the tornado risk is very very low.

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