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Severe Storms This Week?

7/29/2020 - #tnvalleywx

The Storm Prediction Center is highlighting the viewing area in a Level 1 of 5 risk of severe weather for both Thursday and Friday. Just about all of the area is highlighted for Thursday, and it's mainly the northwestern half of the area for Friday. This is not one of those cases where we can give a solid, clean timeline.

That just isn't really possible during the summer months. Each day, from about late morning, through the afternoon, and until about late evening, we may have a couple of storms that grow strong. The overall risk of severe weather is very low for both days, but it is NOT zero. IF a severe storm develops, the main threat would be gusty straight-line winds. However, especially on Friday, there may be just enough wind shear in the atmosphere for an itty bitty risk of a spin-up tornado or two. That risk would be very low, but it won't be zero.

We will be here both days to provide live coverage should any warnings be issued...

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