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September Ends Cool, What Does October Look Like?

As we close out September, I always enjoy looking back at the data for the month. Before we jump into the data...what do you think our averages and extremes are for October? I’m glad you asked!

Our highest October temp ever recorded came last year when we reached 100 degrees on October 2nd! No triple digits in our forecast thankfully! Our coldest October temperature came way back in 1917 with 23 degrees. We average just under 3.5” of rain for the month.

September closes on a dry, cool note. Many areas saw above normal rainfall yet again for the month.

We are still WELL above normal for the year with rainfall. We have recorded over 60” of rain already this year, which is over 21 inches above normal! It‘s been another wet year!

The short term dry spell is showing up for areas of northeast Alabama, but our area remains free and clear from drought conditions currently.

Let’s see what October brings for us in the Tennessee Valley!

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