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Rain to return this week?

Here we are, the weekend at last! It's shaping up to be a pretty decent one, all things considered, though we slowly but surely grow unsettled as we approach the workweek. As of this afternoon, we have a few isolated storms (especially in Southern Middle Tennessee) popping, and this is essentially the story of the day. They'll likely come and go fairly quickly, missing most of us, but drenching a rare few of us. That's the gamble that is summertime thunderstorms! We all dry out tonight, and we clear out as well. Tonight may be a decent stargazing night, in fact.

Tomorrow is very similar to today, but the rain chances look slightly more robust, but are still fairly random - summertime convection is hard to predict due to just how small the storms are, but it is always a safe bet to keep an eye on the weather throughout the day when the odds are a coin-flip. Some storms may pack a nice little punch, including frequent lightning and a gust here and there up to 30-40mph, but it still looks like a good portion of us won't see anything. On such small scales, one neighborhood can get a downpour while another is dry... miles matter!

Interestingly, tomorrow will be rainier, but not hotter - in fact, we are steadily going DOWN in temperature through the beginning and middle of the workweek. Believe it or not, there isn't some extreme heat index sneaking in on the tail of these seemingly lower high temps - we really may just stay suppressed through the week with highs in the mid-80s. I'll definitely take it! Climatologically speaking, we are near the timeframe where we have passed the worst of summer, so to speak, so that may be a glimmer of optimism for the mid to long term...

Now, the temperatures may be nice, but there is a bit of a catch... rain chances are on the up and up. Our best shot at rain and storms sits squarely around the beginning and middle of the week, with most of us likely seeing at least a sporadic shower or two by the time we reach the end of the week, which looks to dry out and warm up once more. Thankfully, models aren't hinting at anything too extreme on the horizon, so behind this somewhat rainy week, we may have some sunshine on the other side after all!

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