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Rain sticking around. A wet September ahead?

It's a stormy day already, with many storms already establishing themselves as fairly robust thunderboomers across S TN and NW AL this afternoon. As is common with these sorts of storms, the main threat associated with these (as well as storms that are likely to follow over the next few days) involves very frequent lightning, heavy rain, and maybe a gust here or there in excess of 40mph. These storms will continue to meander and perhaps increase in coverage through today. Saturated portions of the Valley need to keep an eye on this - flooding is a threat, especially given some areas have already gotten 4, 5, and even 6 inches of rain over the last couple days! Tonight, storms will mostly fade, but showers will stick around into tomorrow morning.

Indeed, by the time we kick our morning off for the workweek, we'll be experiencing some fairly widespread light showers and otherwise overcast conditions. These will damper down through late morning, perhaps providing an hour or two of no rain.

By the afternoon, however, we can essentially do as we've done for the last couple days and copy and paste the weekends conditions onto Monday - storms begin to reform, of which a few may be strong once again. These could last into the late evening, but it's not likely that showers will last into the overnight, providing a few more dry hours heading into Tuesday morning. All throughout this, we stay in the low to mid 80s. Not bad, temperature-wise!

You probably won't be surprised to hear that Tuesday afternoon once again hosts the possibility of storms, though we're slowly decreasing the odds of these storms being as WIDESPREAD as they have been. That said, we'll call it 50/50 for Tuesday, with temps staying in the mid 80s.

As mentioned, the rain chances will begin their slow descent by Tuesday, though they aren't getting as low as a clear pattern would usually have - by the end of the week, we bottom out around 40% for our rain chances, with 50/50 odds persisting all the way through the midweek. The clearest parts of the week will likely be the overnight hours, but clouds are likely to linger.

The temperature trend is one of the interesting things we have to look forward to this week - we stay mediated in the mid 80s, but some models indicate that endweek into next weekend may host some cooler highs, maybe even in the upper 70s/closer to 80. If nothing else, the possibility of a pattern change is there as we head into September... perhaps inching that much closer towards ushering in fall? We'll see!

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