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Rain is out for now, and cooler weather takes over... for now.

Rain faded out pretty fast yesterday and overnight, and that front is out of the Valley, and boy, are we feeling it. As of writing this blog post this afternoon, a good chunk of us haven't broken 40 yet, especially in Southern Middle Tennessee. It remains overcast, but this SHOULD clear out through mid-afternoon and overnight tonight. Freezing temps will return for most of us, especially as you go further north. That aside, the start of the work (and Christmas) week should be a sunny one.

By mid-day tomorrow, we've warmed up a touch (not to mention more evenly across the Valley), with most of us back in the lower-50s, which is about what you would expect from December. It's been an unseasonably warm, well, season up to this point, so it is definitely refreshing to see something not too far from the norm... but this isn't going to last!

You'll have a good few days to show off your favorite sweater through the beginning and mid-parts of this coming week, but by Christmas Eve, we're back up to lower 60s and climbing... sorry folks, maybe we'll have our dreamy white Christmas next year.

On the bright side, it'll be a pretty nice week, with temperatures climbing steadily from the low-50s up to near 60 by the end of the week and rain only returning as a possibility Christmas Eve, and, of course... a mid-60s and partly to mostly cloudy Christmas. Yeah, sorry winter fans - anomalous warmth is on it's way back by mid-week, and we're back to our low temperatures overnight staying well above average, up in the upper 40s.

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