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Quiet the rest of the week. Looking ahead to Thanksgiving.

The sunshine is finally back and it'll stick around for a while, paired with passing clouds from time to time. The rest of today will still be chilly, and temps will crash into the lower 20s by Thursday morning. As for our weather the next 7 days, we are calm and quiet.

Since there is not much to discuss for the Tennessee Valley for the remainder of the week, let's look ahead to next week. We'll start with temperatures. While we will gradually warm by next Wednesday, until then, we're still looking at below-average temps. Around and after Thanksgiving (next Thursday), temperatures will be near average, which is the lower 60s for the Tennessee Valley.

The only other part of next week that warrants discussion is a rainy pattern mid to late week. Several long-range models are pointing at a system with rain showers at the least between next Wednesday and Friday. It's too soon to tell which days exactly will be impacted and how this will impact your holiday travel plans. It's just something to keep on your radar as you are making those plans. To sum it all up, rain is possible on and around Thanksgiving.

Until then, we remain bone-dry. Cloud coverage may vary from day to day, but I see plenty of sunshine in our future. Like I talked about on the CPC maps, temps will gradually warm to near average heading into the middle of next week. Rain showers are possible mainly after Wednesday.

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