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Pleasant spring weather comes to an end later this week.

If you thought yesterday was great, today's weather is nothing short of stellar! A crystal clear blue sky and temperatures in the low 70s? I'd take this weather year round if I could.

Sunshine will dominate the sky for the rest of the afternoon, aside from a view passing clouds.

Expect temperatures very comfortable in the lower 70s, and nudging toward the mid 70s around the Tennessee River in northwest Alabama. Dew points are very low right now, making it extra comfy outside. Today and tomorrow are perfect days to spend time outdoors, whether it be a walk, on your lunchbreak, or even enjoying some outdoor games and fun. Temps will fall into the 50s this evening, and eventually into the upper 40s Wednesday morning. We'll hold on to a clear sky to start, but clouds will filter in Wednesday evening and overnight, ahead of rain chances Thursday.

Rain showers will continue on and off through Friday evening. Rain chances are also in Saturday's forecast, thanks to an incoming cold front. Due to cloud cover Thursday and Friday, I don't think we will make it out of the 60s, but we'll be back in the 70s by Saturday, ahead of the rain. We clear out quickly in time for Sunday morning, and Sunday is looking mainly dry.

Rain chances for Thursday and Friday aren't widespread at this time, however models are hinting at a little bit more coverage Thursday morning and afternoon. We'll keep an eye on that trend. We're not expecting any of these days to be washouts, either.

Your 7 day forecast for the Tennessee Valley in the middle of April is looking quite nice. No severe weather, very comfortable afternoon temps, and just a few rain showers here and there, mixed in with some dry days too. Enjoy tonight and tomorrow before rain returns!

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