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One more warm day, then rain and storms, and then chilly weather returns.

Skies across the area are much more cloudy this afternoon. Because of that, high temperatures have been a couple of degrees cooler, but everywhere across the region was still able to make it into the lower 70s, and even a few locations still into the middle 70s.

The cloud cover out there this evening will also mean that temperatures won't drop quite as rapidly right after sunset, staying in the upper 50s and lower 60s through 7:00-8:00pm. However, clouds break up later in the overnight, and this still allows us to drop toward the mid 40s by daybreak on Wednesday. Wednesday is yet another warm day, with a south wind of 5-15 mph kicking up ahead of the next weather system and a little more in the way of sunshine again allowing us to warm back into the low to mid 70s.

The big weather changes for us begin on Thursday as the storm system and cold front move into the area. Gusty south winds of 10-20+ mph ahead of the front help push us into the mid and upper 60s during the day. The front itself brings a band of showers and thunderstorms into the area between the late morning and the early evening. A few storms may have gusty winds, but it appears that we won't quite see the low-level moisture return needed for severe storms. Those move out Thursday evening as the cold front blows into the area. Much cooler air follows for Friday and the weekend, with daytime highs back into the upper 50s on Friday and struggling to hit 50 degrees on Saturday! Morning lows over the weekend look to return back to near the freezing point again.

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