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Nice start to the week. On and off rain chances begin Wednesday.

Can every Monday have weather as nice as today? I mean, 70s under a partly cloudy sky is my perfect, ideal forecast. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon! Tomorrow won't be too bad either...just a tad cooler. We are dry for the rest of today as well as tomorrow.

Afternoon temps tomorrow will range from the upper 60s in southern middle TN to the lower 70s for NW Alabama and NE Mississippi. Tuesday night should be mainly dry, but rain moves in as early as Wednesday morning. Rain chances will be on and off through Friday afternoon.

While we may get a few rumbles of thunder out of the next weather system, we are not expecting severe weather. You can expect some gross, gloomy days with temps on the cooler side. Not cold, but cooler than the start of the week.

Speaking of cooler...check out the 6-10 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. According to the map, the Tennessee Valley viewing area has a 70-80% chance of experiencing below average temps within that time frame. Keep in mind, it is March and temperature fluctuations are certainly not uncommon in this region.

The 7-day forecast is looking a bit soggy, but I will gladly take a week of no severe weather in the forecast! Don't forget, we spring forward this weekend!

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