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Mild temps continue ahead of storms, some could be strong.

It's another nice, mild day across the Tennessee Valley! With a mix of sun and clouds overhead, we should stay dry through the rest of the day. Parts of northwest Alabama have made it to 70° this afternoon! These warm temps don't hang around too much longer, though.

Overall, we're expecting widespread showers and storms Wednesday night, overnight into Thursday morning. During that time, mainly after 9 p.m., is when a few of those storms could be on the strong side. The main threat we are expecting is damaging winds, and we are also monitoring a low-end tornado threat. The parameters that support rotation aren't abundant by any means, but they are present. The SPC has the Tennessee Valley viewing area in a level 1 out of 5 risk, with the level 2/5 to our west. The line of storms should be weakening as it approaches us.

Wednesday morning will kick off with a few spotty, light showers but winds will start gusting out of the south bringing up some even warmer temps for the afternoon. I think just about everyone will make it into the 70s. A few showers/storms may fire up in the late afternoon, but the main line of storms that could be strong will move in mainly after 10 p.m. We should be dry by 6 a.m. as the storms clear I-65.

While gusty winds and a spin-up tornado are possible with these thunderstorms, overall it is

going to be quite gusty overnight, whether the line of storms weaken or not. Gusts up to 30-35mph are possible overnight as the cold front moves through the region. Make sure you secure anything loose in your yard before you go to bed Wednesday night. Don't forget to have a way to get woken up for weather warnings.

Unfortunately, 70s in February is in fact an anomaly, so temps will cool back down into the 50s and even the 40s Saturday afternoon. I will say, temps will get near freezing and a few models are hinting at moisture during that time...we'll tackle that after the storms if that trend holds.

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