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Mid-week looking cooler - and wetter?

It's a nice day still across the Valley, paving the way for a nice end to a nice weekend. We're already sitting comfortably in the mid-80s today, and humidity is noticeably ticking up, relative to yesterday. If you're anything like me, you're just glad it isn't in the mid to upper 70s like it was weeks ago, so we'll take what we can get! Today stays dry, clear, and pristine through the overnight.

As we head into the early morning, however, we're approaching some changes... a frontal passage begins its traverse across the Valley through the mid-morning, bringing with it a brief timeframe of some cloud cover, and a windshift - winds will be coming in from the north, and dewpoints will likely consequently be a few degrees lower, but temperatures don't waver all that much... at least yet. To begin our workweek, we look hot and dry, so not too bad, really!

As we head into Tuesday, rain chances begin to slowly creep back in, in the form of isolated shower chances through the afternoon and evening. Temperatures begin their drop too, likely sticking in the mid 80s. As we settle into midweek, rain chances noticeably return, with some models saturating the Valley pretty nicely. As a result, rain chances are slowly but surely looking more and more likely in this time frame. As usual, some isolated storms are possible across the area as well, as with any system like this. It doesn't look too bad, but it's worth keeping an eye out so it doesn't wash your day out if push comes to shove! I mentioned temperatures trending down, and this becomes the clearest through the midweek..

Yeah, check that out - low 80s for HIGH temps on Wednesday! It's a welcome change for sure, even if it is a damp one. Behind this, rain chances linger in a more isolated fashion through the end of the week, and temperatures begin getting closer to more of what you'd expect for this time of year, with upper 80s and lower 90s dominating the forecast. This is the sort of week you'll want to keep your weather app open for!

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