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Let's talk about this weekend's precipitation.

Good Thursday afternoon! We have plenty of rain chances to talk about, and it's nice to be able to say that. The Tennessee Valley still desperately needs some rain to alleviate ongoing drought conditions. We've got our two main weathermakers on Satellite/Radar- Tropical Storm Nicole and a cold front. TS Nicole will bring some showers our way as soon as tonight, and then the cold front will allow for very cold air to filter in. Tonight, rain showers will not begin until after 8 p.m. and they will be spotty throughout the overnight hours.

Showers will continue into the morning hours on Friday, but they will not hang around too long because that cold front will move in quickly and push all that moisture off to our east. We'll get a break from rain chances Friday afternoon but we've got another round of showers headed our way late Friday night into early Saturday morning. Here's the thing, temperatures will be falling very quickly as cold air filters in behind the cold front. Several weather models still have precip in the Tennessee Valley with temperatures in the mid 30s. I am not very convinced of what I am about to say, but the chance is there. I wouldn't be completely blown away and shocked if a sleet pellet or snowflake was mixed in the rain showers early Saturday morning. If this is to verify, there would be absolutely no impacts or accumulation. If the air cools down quick enough and the moisture is still there, mixed precipitation is a possibility.

Rain showers taper off Saturday afternoon and then the Tennessee Valley stays dry until Monday night. Also, this cool-down is here to stay for the near future. Temperatures hover between the mid 40s and lower 50s. Yep, those are the high temperatures I'm talking about. Lows Saturday night through Sunday night will be below freezing.

After this weekend, Monday night into Tuesday looks to be our next best rain chance. As of right now, temperatures stay above freezing in the Tennessee Valley according to model outputs, but we will be keeping a very close eye on the temperature profiles.

Like I've been saying all week, enjoy these warmer temps while we have them. Another thing to note, is that we will not be seeing much sunshine for the next several days. We will see some, but I think we will see more clouds than sun.

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