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Labor day weekend looks stormy.

Good afternoon! Looking forward to the holiday weekend? Well, you'll be enjoying your time off more than you'll be enjoying the weather. As far as today goes, not much to discuss but sunshine, highs in the low 90s and low humidity. That all changes by Friday!

Highs remain in the low 90s Friday, but we increase the rain chance along with the humidity. Spotty thunderstorms will develop after 12 p.m. and the more east you are, the better chance you have at seeing rain. It's still a fairly low chance, however. Unfortunately rain chances stay spotty through Friday evening, meaning you may catch a storm on the football field.

Beyond Friday, rain chances increase even further, and Labor Day Weekend is looking soggy and unsettled. Shower and storms are possible any time of the day, but still at this time, we're not talking about any washouts. However, rain is looking more and more likely, so we will adjust accordingly.

If you'll be down south at the gulf this weekend, storm chances will follow you.

Thankfully, we don't have tropical activity to monitor in the Gulf of Mexico. We do have Tropical Storm Danielle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Danielle is forecast to strengthen into a Category One hurricane but is no threat to any land mass, including the U.S.

Yeah, it's not the ideal Labor Day Weekend forecast, but hey, we'll take a long weekend. At least temperatures stay relatively mild in the low to mid 80s. Rain chances turn isolated by Tuesday through the rest of next week.

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