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It's gonna be a stormy day! Sunday and beyond looks "cooler" and dry.

Live satellite imagery as of early this afternoon across the Tennessee Valley reveals some bubbly clouds among mostly sunny skies, which will likely provide some "juice" for the storms later on in the day, especially in Alabama. We've had a couple downpours today and we had a noisy early morning, with some elevated storms coming through. Models seem to suggest that the time to watch for redevelopment is later this afternoon and early evening. In the mean time, we're stuck with the heat! Some indexes have broken 100 already, with some well in excess of 105.

Forecast models at 7pm this evening.

The High Resolution Rapid Refresh model favors the idea that we'll see our peak storm coverage from between 4 and 7pm, with rain lingering through the early overnight hours. It looks like, if anywhere, central Alabama is the place to be for storms, several of which may be severe. While not high, the threat for severe weather is not zero here, either - the primary threats seem to be damaging winds in one or two storms, as well as some hail that may be large enough to crack a windshield or two in the strongest storms. Localized flooding may happen in some of the more saturated spots.

Forecast temperatures at 2pm tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

The storms today are with something of a frontal passage - by tomorrow, we're a bit "cooler"! That's relative, of course... but upper 80s isn't too bad, and it's ESPECIALLY nice because the humidity is out of here, at least for a time. If you have any recreational plans, tomorrow looks like a nice summer day to do it - today, not so much. Winds will be out of the north (definite indications of a frontal passage), and the humidity will stay suppressed south for the rest of the weekend. Copy and paste for Monday, and you have the next couple days under wraps.

Simulated radar on Wednesday afternoon showing rain is possible.

Tuesday looks to keep this trend, but rain chances return. They aren't particularly high, but a shower can't be ruled out through the late morning hours. It'll likely stay dry for most of us, getting up into the upper 80s/lower 90s that day. Wednesday is probably the highest shot at rain we see all week - call it 50/50. It doesn't look particularly remarkable - just your run of the mill summer rain. Behind this, we mediate temperatures again!

The 7 day really helps show the temperature trend, which is such a relief - 80s through and through this week, with a 90 or two, here and there. By the end of the week, most of us probably won't even be hitting 90, with clear skies and dry conditions leading into next weekend. Finally, some enjoyable summer weather on the horizon!

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