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It's about to get cold. Enjoy the 70s while we've got 'em.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we are in for a major cool-down. The good news is it's still a few days away. Why worry about that yet, right? Temperatures will top out around 80 this afternoon, especially in northwest Alabama. Temps will drop into the mid 50s overnight. Highs will remain in the 70s through Friday afternoon, but that's when we reach the top of the rollercoaster climb and we are about to take a steep dive into the 40s. For highs. Yes.

We don't have much to talk about as far as rain chances go aside from Late Thursday night into the first half of Friday, mainly the morning. That's when remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole will swirl on in, but mainly for folks near or just west of I-65. The timing for these showers looks to be after midnight Thursday night into late Friday morning. The second half of Friday is looking quite nice, but that's when we better buckle up for our temperature nose dive.

Here is a look at the GFS model for Thursday and Friday. Clouds will increase Thursday as the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole but we do mainly stay dry before midnight. However, it just takes a couple dozen miles difference to significantly increase our rain chances here in the Tennessee Valley. Showers arrive early Friday morning before most of us are up and going for the day. Again, these showers, as it looks now, will be few and far between. This moisture does NOT hang around long, because a cold front will swoop in from the west and quickly push this system out and off to the east. That cold front will clear things out for the rest of Friday, come the cold temps.

This is where things get tough. If there's one thing about me, it's that I despise cold weather.

This Climate Prediction Center is forecasting an 80-90% chance that the Tennessee Valley will experience below-average temperatures. For reference, high temperatures in Muscle Shoals, Alabama are typically in the mid 60s this time of year. We're forecasting 20 degrees cooler than even that. So yeah, brace yourself.

Here are those dreaded numbers on the 7-day that look like they should be in the "low temperature" section. We will not get out of the 40s until Tuesday. Sunday will be the coolest day of all. Not to mention the actual forecast low temps...below freezing for three nights straight, at least. The great news here? We are completely dry during this cold spell. Enjoy the next few days of temps in the 70s (:

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