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Hurricane Eta

Hurricane Eta formed in the Carribbean Sunday, and quickly intensified into a major hurricane. It remains a category 4 monster storm as it approaches the coastline of Central America.

Sustained winds are currently at 140mph, and it is BARELY moving at this time. Offical movement is Westward at 3mph. Minimum central pressure is 940 millibars.

Eta will slowly move inland and produce major flooding inland and major wind damage along the coastal areas. There are indications that Eta will move back out into the Carribbean and re-intensify into a Tropical Storm.

We remain quiet locally for the remainder of the week with lots of sunshine expected and warming temperatures. Be sure to see the detailed forecast on the Tennessee Valley Weather Channel later today, but for is a early sneak peek at your extended forecast...

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

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