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Hot and Dry weather locally next few days. Beach weather looks great! Tropics interesting?

We're going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point since we've talked about this forecast in detail for the past several days and everything is still fully on track. The warm weather will only continue to build in over the next several days as high pressure gets locked in over the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. Afternoon highs climb into the lower 90s over the weekend, and maybe the low to mid 90s for the first part of next week. We look to stay dry through at least the first half of next week, with rain chances not returning locally until at least Wednesday.

We know this will be a big weekend for families to head toward the Gulf Coast with a lot of kids across the area out of school now. The weather down along the Alabama and Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast area couldn't look better if it tried! Highs on Saturday will be in the mid 80s under sunny skies. A little warmer on Sunday, into the upper 80s. A southerly flow will help initiate a sea breeze each afternoon that will keep coastal areas a little cooler than deeper inland. The main concern down that way will be rip currents; so, please be careful if you are heading down, and please heed directions from local officials regarding the rip current risk.

While weather along our stretch of the Gulf Coast looks just fine, a tropical disturbance will be making landfall later tonight and into Saturday along the Texas coast. There is a decent chance this might even become a tropical depression or maybe even a lower-end tropical storm before landfall. We are also watching a disturbance out in the open North Atlantic that is very close to becoming a subtropical storm. This will have no impact on the United States. However, it is a definite sign that the Atlantic hurricane season is almost upon us.

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