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Here comes the "cold" front! Rain chances ramp up, slight cool down to follow

A cold front is making its way to the Tennessee Valley to bring us much needed rain and a slight cool down. It's not going to feel amazing, but it will feel much better than it has the last week or so. Let's kick things off with the rest of your Friday. An excessive heat warning remains in effect through midnight. Heat indices will be near 110°. A pop up storm or two can't be ruled out, but I think we stay mostly dry until the overnight hours.

The cold front that will drop down from the Midwest will bring rain and storms to the Tennessee Valley as early as 3 a.m. Saturday. This will be the first of several rounds of rain that we so desperately need. It's not going to rain the entire day Saturday. I think we will see an early morning line of storms, a late morning line, and then a final, weaker line of rain in the early evening hours as the cold front moves along.

Now, what are we looking at in terms of threats with these storms? I can see a few blowing out gusty winds and dumping pretty heavy rainfall. Frequent lightning will also be a threat. For now, I'm thinking the majority of the storms stay below severe limits.

I promised you good news- a cool down. That's exactly what we will see Sunday once the front moves out of the Tennessee Valley. Winds will shift from south to north, allowing a short-lived break from 90° temperatures. Dew points will also take a soft hit, feeling more comfortable outside Sunday and Monday.

It is summer in the south, so the relief will come and go with the blink of an eye. Temperatures will ramp back up into the 90s and daily rain chances return by mid-week.

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