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Gloomy Weekend? Perhaps. Chilly Week? Definitely.

It's a bit of a "meh" day today, all things considered - it's mild, if not warm, with some generally cloudy conditions sticking around for the lot of us. Check that wind measurement out, too - here in L-burg, we've been getting sustained winds to 15, with gusts to 20mph! Talk about gusty. Showers and storms are slowly building across the area, however, and are paving the way for the chance of rain as we head through tonight, and especially into tomorrow.

As we head through this evening, the mass of rain to our west will continue it's track eastward towards us, and this is around the time our best odds for a more widespread sort of rain will come around - they aren't going to be the most robust showers/storms, but you may hear a rumble of thunder or two if they can get established across the area. If nothing else, it's nice sleeping weather!

These shower chances linger in a very modest way through tonight and into tomorrow, and by tomorrow morning, you can safely bet on generally clear conditions, but some of us (especially in Southern Middle Tennessee) may wake up to some showers of the lighter variety as we head into church. This is a decent bet as to what to expect for Sunday - gloomy, a shower here and there, and mild, hovering in the 70s once more. Definitely a pre-cold front sort of environment!

That being said, that frontal passage makes its way fully through the valley through Sunday, and by the time we're kicking off our workweek, we are cooling off - and in a BIG way. Now that we're getting that cool, dry, northerly air in behind the front, we have essentially no shot at rain for the rest of the week, and this paves the way for building coolness through the beginning and middle portions of this workweek.

That change into cold weather is no joke, either - we've been knocking the highs down through Tuesday almost each day as information changes, and you can see why - through Tuesday, some of us *may very well not break out of the upper 40s*. I definitely didn't order a taste of winter, but that seems like what we'll have for a day or so! Not only that, but check those lows out: 20s all through the midweek. Plant parents, take note. That sort of temperature range is no joke!

Now, there is some good news. Despite this cold snap in the midweek, we begin a climb back to mild warmth through the end of the week, and especially into next weekend. Luckily for us, it'll remain fairly dry (and perhaps breezy at times), with us wrapping the week up in the vicinity of 70 degrees. Get past that brisk spell, and we have a nice week ahead!

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