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Gloomy Saturday, Stormy Sunday...

The weekend looks gloomy and unsettled, but the week ahead looks fantastic.

Today hasn't been the prettiest day, with some tropical moisture keeping us overcast and damp due to drizzle and light rain persisting throughout. The temperatures due to this have stayed suppressed - mostly hovering in the 70s for us. If you're like me, days like this are super cozy, and very sleepable. This overcast state will persist through today, and likely to some degree last into tonight and into the morning hours of tomorrow, likely with some breaks into mostly cloudy conditions. Up to the mid-morning, tomorrow looks much like today, with one key difference heading into the afternoon - storms will return.

As we head through the day Sunday, a sharp front to our West will begin its traverse eastwards across the valley, providing the necessary energy for storms to form through the day. They won't per say be the most significant storms ever, but they'll be strong enough to where you'll want to keep an eye on the weather after church tomorrow. In the stronger storms, you can expect intense downpours, perhaps some frequent lightning, and perhaps a gust or two in excess of 40mph. They'll be out of here behind the front Sunday night, but expect a decent 8 hour window from midday into the evening wherein the storm threat is maximum.

Through Sunday night and into Monday, that front gets out of here in a hurry, clearing us out from clouds and from rain by midday. The temperatures don't change much in any meaningful way (perhaps hovering in the upper 70s Monday), but the atmosphere dries out with haste and humidity falls off VERY fast, clearing the way for a "dry" 80s as we head into the workweek, as opposed to the intense humidity we've had over the last several weeks.

In fact, past the front, we head into a "two way street" type of deal - the lows get lower, and the highs get higher. Overnight in the midweek timeframe, we even begin seeing some 50s - of which, some may be LOWER 50s! Through the days, we creep into the mid 80s, but thankfully there is no catch thankfully. It'll be a nice, less humid warmth that everyone can enjoy.

The 7 day backs this up - if we can just get past the next 24-36 hours of unsettled weather, blue skies and warmth wait for us over the horizon for the next week. This may be a sign of things to come... think a pattern-change into a more fall-like regime. We're getting close to that time of year!

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