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Enjoy these temps while they're here. Warming up by the weekend.

This taste of fall has been fantastic. Cutting off the A/C and hoodie weather is just my cup of tea. Enjoy it now, because we're going to crank up the temperature dial by this weekend. High pressure will continue to build over the southeast U.S. keeping rain away and allowing for warmer temps. No rain chance this evening, and temperatures will fall comfortably to the 70s this evening and then to the 50s overnight. Patchy fog may develop in some spots as well.

Dew points will remain comfortable this week, and even on through the weekend. Even though dew points increase, so will the air temperature. That means it won't feel much more humid, it will just feel hotter outside as temperatures rise.

Right now, there are no 90s in the extended forecast for high temperatures, but some days may get close, especially early next week. Low temperatures will warm from the mid 50s to mid 60s by the weekend. Temperatures for the next few days will be seasonable.

I added this graphic just for fun. No rain chances for a while. Zero. Zilch. None. To the back of the closet the rain coat goes.

Since high pressure will be taking control over the southeast, the Climate Prediction Center's temperature outlook for next week has The Tennessee Valley at a 60-80% chance of above average temps. Your A/C may be getting a break now, but it'll have to go back to work soon.

The 7 day forecast pretty much speaks for itself. Sunny, a few clouds, and no rain. The only change we will see is the increase in temperatures.

If you think our weather pattern is uneventful, let's take a peek into the tropics, shall we? The National Hurricane Center has flagged two disturbances out in the Atlantic. Both are waves coming off Africa. There is not a very high chance at development here, but both disturbances have some time to get themselves together. Any U.S. impact is looking unlikely at this time should anything develop. We will keep an eye on these two disturbances.

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