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Dry for now. 100% chance of spooky weather for Halloween weekend.

It's another gorgeous fall day here in the Tennessee Valley. Afternoon temps in the 60s along with plenty of sunshine is the perfect mix. We stay dry today and tomorrow, but clouds will filter in and out beginning tonight, ahead of rain chances this upcoming weekend.

Rain chances return late in the day Saturday. I think the bulk of the rain holds off until around and after sunset. If you have any weekend plans, the earlier in the day the better! We aren't looking at a heavy rainfall event and I'm not so sure we'll get any thunder or lightning, we will just be seeing some persistent rain. Sunday looks to be more like on-and-off rain showers throughout the day. We won't see much sun this weekend, but that fits the Halloween vibe. Rainfall totals look to be about an inch tops, so we are also not concerned with flooding.

Again, Saturday night will be the bullseye for the widespread rainfall. You'll still want your rain gear nearby earlier in the day and Sunday as well. I think a few outdoor events could be okay Sunday, but you might get caught under a rain shower. Since we won't see much sunshine, temperatures will be cool this weekend in the 60s. We'll be back to the 70s when the sunshine returns.

Halloween day isn't looking awful, but I suppose the forecast could be better. It definitely could be worse. A few sprinkles and an isolated moderate rain shower or two are possible throughout the day. I think the chances are higher earlier in the day but not zero for some after school trick-or-treating. Temperatures will be comfortable in the 60s but still on the chilly side. Make sure the kids have on a layer or two and maybe a jacket to throw over their costume in the evening. They may be able to get by without one during the school day.

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