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Disrespectfully cold through tomorrow, and then a warming trend starts. Dry weather for now.

Now this don't make no dawg-gone sense! Temperatures today are more like a January afternoon than mid to late October. Morning lows across our area ranged from as low as the mid 20s in a couple of spots to the mid 30s near and south of the Tennessee River. We have recovered into the lower 50s in most areas this afternoon, although one or two locations are still holding onto the upper 40s.

Skies are mostly sunny, but we do have some scattered cumulus clouds around. They are forming under very cold air aloft associated with the upper-level low over the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. The infrared satellite data would make you think it's much more cloudy than it actually is. That's actually the infrared sensor on the camera of the satellite picking up on the cold air across our area!

We're pretty much near our afternoon highs now, and then temperatures drop out of the 50s into the 40s as we near sunset, and then we drop quickly after dark. Morning lows look to reach the mid to upper 20s tonight across most areas, and a Freeze Warning is once again in place for the entire viewing area. Tonight will likely be the coldest night of this little cold stretch we have in place.

More of the same is expected for Wednesday, but we look to be a few degrees warmer, with daytime highs in the mid 50s. Wednesday night will see overnight lows back below freezing, but then we start a moderating trend. Winds become more southerly Thursday into the weekend, and by Friday in the weekend, daytime highs are back in the low to mid 70s! Unfortunately, we look to be stuck in dry weather through at least the weekend.

There are indications that we may be heading back into a warmer and possibly wetter weather pattern as we go into next week. Troughing looks to develop in the West, and this may set up the opportunity for wet weather systems to come out at times as we head through next week, especially the mid to latter part of next week. Too far out for details, but the overall large scale trend suggests we may see at least a chance for a little drought relief before the month is done.

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