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Dear reader: prepare for rain Saturday and a gloomy weekend all-around.

Good afternoon! The weekend is upon us and we've got a lot to discuss. The good news is the rest of today looks uneventful, aside from gusty winds. Highs this afternoon will be near 80 degrees with a pleasant mixture of sunshine and clouds.

If you'll be out at the football field for the first round of high school playoffs, or maybe you've

got a fun night out on the town planned, tonight is looking fantastic. Clouds will start to increase after midnight along with our rain chances, but before midnight we will not see one drop of rain. Don't worry about any outdoor evening plans! Just...hold onto your hats and whatnot.

Alright, enough beating around the bush. Let's get to the rain. I don't think anyone in the Tennessee Valley Weather viewing area sees a drop of rain until after 5 a.m. We are not concerned with severe weather whatsoever here, but this line of storms will be very strong well to our west, but I'm talking hundreds of miles away. I say that to say confidence is very high that just about everyone will see rain tomorrow. The good news for us, this line of showers and a few embedded thunderstorms will weaken significantly before getting here. Winds will be gusty much like today and it'll just be a stormy morning.

The main line of rain will be east of I-65 by about lunchtime, but showers will linger through as late as Monday afternoon. That's because the cold front will stall out right over us, so we're strapped in for a few gloomy days.

We aren't talking much in terms of rainfall totals, given the fact that much of the Tennessee

Valley is in a moderate drought. That being said, any rainfall will help our situation, this just isn't a cure for anything. More like Tylenol, the pain will subside for a while but the main problem is still there when the medicine wares off. We're looking at anywhere from 0.25" to an inch of rain.

I am running out of gas on this fine Friday afternoon. Enjoy a look at your 7-day forecast. (:

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