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Colder weather has arrived. Weekend milder and then rain again Sunday, followed by cold next week.

Skies continue to clear out behind the cold front, as evidenced by our skycams across the area and the visible satellite. This has allowed sunshine to return to most of the region, and temperatures been able to recover in most areas. Along and west of U.S. 43, temperatures have rebounded into the lower 50s, with a few isolated mid 50 readings. However, closer to I-65, it took longer for skies to clear, and there hasn't been as much time for heating to occur there yet. It is likely that these areas will not get out of the upper 40s, now that sunset is earlier and the sun angle is lower because of the time of year.

With skies clearing now, the forecast going forward for tonight and through Friday is mainly just a temperature forecast. With clearing skies and winds beginning to settle down as we head into the evening, temperatures will drop quickly after sunset. We will be down to the low to mid 40s again by 6:00 PM if our Futurecast model is correct, and then heading for the upper 20s and lower 30s by daybreak on Friday morning. It is very likely that most all of our area will see a light freeze overnight. Then, even with full sunshine on Friday, we only look to rebound into the upper 40s and lower 50s during the afternoon before falling back to the mid 30s or so by daybreak on Saturday.

Temperatures moderate a good deal on Saturday as winds become more southerly as high pressure shifts off to the east. We will see a bit more in the way of clouds, but afternoon highs look to get into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. By Sunday, the southwesterly wind strengthens a little ahead of the next front, and everyone gets into at least the lower 60s. However, by afternoon, that front will be moving into the area with rain and maybe even a thunderstorm or two. Fortunately, no severe weather is expected, but much colder air moves back in again. We don't get out of the 40s on Monday afternoon, and morning lows by daybreak Tuesday make it all the way down to the mid 20s, with lower 20s possible in our naturally colder locations.

An early look ahead to Thanksgiving weather shows a frontal boundary hanging near the area. This will cause showers to return back to the forecast as early as Wednesday, but a bigger storm system moves out of the Southern Plains late Thursday into Friday with much better rain chances, and some of that rain may be heavy at times. It's a little too far out for exact details like timing and placement of the heaviest rainfall, but the latter half of the holiday travel week definitely looks a bit on the wet side.

Meanwhile, during the predawn hours of our Friday morning (late tonight), we have a partial lunar eclipse. With clouds clearing out, viewing weather looks just fine. The height of the partial eclipse is roughly around 3:00 AM local time. This will be the longest-duration lunar eclipse of the past 500+ years. This week's Weather Classroom segment talks more about the details of this lunar eclipse, as well as what causes a lunar eclipse to happen and the varieties of lunar eclipses that are possible.

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