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Colder air has arrived. The good news is that it will be short-lived. Rain returns by the weekend.

Y'all just take a look at this rudeness! It's 16 to as much as 20 degrees colder this afternoon than it was at this time yesterday! We have managed to ease up into the low to mid 50s for most of us this afternoon, but that's about the best we are going to do today. That is despite the sunny skies in place and us being in the latter part of April with a higher sun angle. This is definitely a potent cold front that moved through our area overnight! Temperatures overnight will drop down into the low to mid 30s, and that sets up the likelihood of patchy frost across the area by daybreak on Thursday morning. The entire viewing area has been placed in a Frost Advisory by the National Weather Service.

The good news is that this cold won't last long. We will start moderating as soon as Thursday, with afternoon highs back in the lower 60s. After that, we are headed for the mid to upper 60s for Friday and Saturday, into the lower 70s by Sunday, and near 80 degrees for the first part of next week!

Our next big weather maker starts to influence us as we head into Friday. High pressure over our area tomorrow begins to shift eastward, and clouds increase during the day on Friday as our winds become more southerly and moisture increases. By Friday evening and overnight, showers and maybe a few rumbles of thunder overspread the area. After midnight, some of the rainfall may be locally heavy, and that continues into the morning hours of Saturday. By Saturday afternoon, the rain begins to shift east as a cold front (but without a temperature drop) moves into the area, bringing drier air back in and a return to high pressure and decreasing clouds by Saturday. After this, we continue to warm going into next week as a ridge builds in temporarily ahead of the next system that looks to bring thunderstorms back to the area by the middle of next week.

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